How does SEO optimization beginner improve website ranking?

When we make a website well, in order to make the website rank well, SEO optimization is needed in the later stage, but it is still quite confused for seo optimization beginners. After building a website, I don’t know how to do seo optimization and improve website ranking. So, I will talk about how beginners who are new to SEO optimization have used SEO optimization to improve website ranking.

11 tips for SEO optimization beginners to know

1.Improve the tdk of all pages

The website is equivalent to the external appearance of a shop, it is very important, because only if you know what you are doing, others can enter your website to see, so TDK must be carefully prepared.

In general, you can choose to imitate the top websites in the industry to edit, first record the title and description of their website, make a table to filter, and then compare and brush to choose the best one. So high, it must be the reason.

We can start learning first. As for keyword positioning, you can use the keyword optimization tool to filter. Only by positioning the keywords first, you can find the general direction of your optimization. Only later can we optimize in this direction. Generally, the tdk page includes the new site home page, new site column page, new site content page, channel cover page, etc. Remember not to put keywords on the page title.

2.Website content updated regularly

The content of the website is a major focus of SEO optimization. We need to update the article every day while maintaining the originality of the article quality. When writing the article, we must bring the keywords we selected into the article in an appropriate amount. Because only if your article is valuable to others, others will remember your site.

And remember to do internal links between articles within the website. The most important indicator for doing internal links is whether there are dead links on each link of the website. At the same time, we must remember that the same anchor text cannot be used for linking on the page.

3.Check website submission link

After the website establishes the website ‘TDK’ and starts to publish articles, we have to check the website and then modify the page with dead links to ensure that the access path status code is normal. For the dead links that have been included, we must submit to Google Search Console.

We want to submit the homepage link of the website and the link of the published article to the Google search engine, which will promote your Google to include your website.

4.Website details settings

After the website is submitted to the Google search engine, we need to make some settings that are conducive to SEO optimization. These details can help you improve your ranking faster.

  • 301 domain name redirection, can collect the weight of your website
  • 404 pages can improve your website user experience
  • Website XML sitemap production can attract spiders to crawl your website
  • HTTPS security certificate, now this is basically the standard configuration of the website, in fact, it can be done without adding
  • The Robots text can be set for the web spider to allow him to specifically crawl the content you want him to see.But remember not to block all search engines, or spiders will not crawl your website

5.Nofollow settings

For external links and pages on the site, submit Nofollow tags in a timely manner, such as contacting us, or in other columns.

6.Url optimization

URLs are generally standardized now, and the new site is going to make sure that the URL settings of the web page are correct, and generally set pseudo-static URLs.


After the website is established, it is best to find a few better websites and establish friendly links, which can increase Google’s trust in this website and benefit the ranking of websites.

8.External link

You can properly post articles in better blogs and forums, and some keywords in the articles can be linked to your website, which is also an external link.

This part of the external link needs to pay attention to the following points:

  • Quality of the website
  • Index of website
  • Site popularity
  • Relevance of the website

The effective time of a good external chain will become faster and longer, which can save the production cost of the external chain.

9.Fill the right amount of content

Before going online, the basic content of the website should be filled. Do not have too little content or too much (too much seems fake). We need to do basic filling, according to the structure and section of the website. Each column publishes 5-10 articles. The number of articles (the specific number depends on the type of website), and at the same time ensure that the articles display normally, let the search engine spiders come to feel that our website is OK.

10.Originality of website content

The review of general websites is very strict, especially the Google search engine, so we have to leave a good impression in the early stage, do a good job of the originality of the website content in the early stage, and pay attention to the content of the articles, keywords, and titles. Sexuality, fluency. Since the adjustment of Google’s algorithm, the requirements for the content of the website are relatively high. Google is a site that severely punishes spam content.

11.Website keywords

I believe everyone knows the importance of keywords. We must consider keywords in two ways. One is keyword competition. The title of the inner page must be searched. The smaller the competition, the easier it is to float.

SEO optimization process

  • Analysis of competitors and their own websites
  • SEO optimization plan
  • Website structure optimization and website page optimization
  • External link building
  • SEO optimization effect monitoring and flow analysis,Facilitate the adjustment of SEO optimization strategy in the later period

In general, as long as SEO optimization beginners can learn the above content well, it will not be too difficult to improve website ranking. But one important thing is that SEO optimization takes time, so you should be patient with SEO optimization beginners.