11 best ways to optimize corporate websites

There are methods for optimizing corporate websites, and a good method can make our optimization work easier. Okay, I will introduce some website optimization methods, but before we detail these methods, we must first understand some website optimization knowledge.

Why do corporate websites do website optimization?

Enterprise websites can improve the overall structure of the website through SEO website optimization, enrich the content of the website, increase the number of pages on the website, and improve the favorability of the search spider for the website through search engine optimization, so that the search spider prefers to crawl the entire website . After searching the pages of the spider-collected website, the content of the website can be displayed when the user searches for keywords to increase exposure. Let enterprises get more benefits.

11 best ways to optimize corporate websites

The difficulty of ranking corporate websites has always been a pain point for SEO experts. Let me introduce some methods to you.

1.Do website SEO

SEO can make your website rank on Google search engine or other search engines. Unlike SEM (Search Engine Marketing), it is completely free, and the rule is open to everyone based on the quality of the content you publish, the smoothness of navigation provided to visitors, and the number of connections you get from outside.

Among other factors, good SEO can be achieved by setting certain keywords and phrases and other techniques on the entire website, such as adding alternative text in the picture and optimizing the title, so that search engines can find your website more easily. SEO requires some time and effort.

2.Leverage email marketing

Many people spend 1 dollar on email marketing and the average rate of return is 38 dollars. Of course, not everyone can do this, but this is a free promotion resource, so make good use of it. Anyone can do it for email marketing. Sending newsletters with some success, but carefully written and effective news is almost an art form, and maintaining high-quality content is difficult.

3.Reduce extra site code

Delete the redundant code of the website to improve the speed of page access. If the code cannot be optimized, replace a better Web server. This is the basis of website optimization.、

4.Website page layout

In fact, website ranking is basically the ranking of user experience. Your website can’t attract users, so the ranking is naturally low. On the contrary, the user experience is good, and your website ranks naturally high. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the user experience of the website pages, and you can use the A / B test method.

5.Create your own blog site

Building a blog on your website can improve your ranking on search engines, help you become an expert in this field, and significantly increase your conversion rate. The most important thing is to write articles by studying the market, so as to broaden knowledge and improve professional skills. The blog site must remain professional and high quality so that you can attract anyone from beginners to experts.

6.Keyword optimization

The optimization of keywords is also very important. The keywords mainly exist in the title of the website page, the content of the article and the description information of the page. The article title and content should be accompanied by appropriate keywords, and this keyword must also have traffic, and it is useless to add more keywords without traffic.

When we write the page title, we must first write the product specific keywords, then the product list keywords, then the channel keywords, and finally the brand words.

The page title planned in this way is more in line with the crawling rules of the search spider, it is easier to improve the keyword ranking of the page title, and it is more conducive to the user’s retrieval.

7.Try a guest blog

In addition to creating your own blog site, you may also need to introduce other blog URLs. This is a common strategy that benefits both parties. Asking another writer in your industry to write an article on your blog site will allow you to penetrate that person’s network and hope to acquire some quality potential customers. Not only that, you are also establishing contacts with people in the industry, thus developing your own network. You all have exposure, traffic and social media share.

8.Leveraging the power of social media

Social media can use followers to promote brand awareness and overall growth. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat (and hope to combine them), it is essential to build a community. Regular interaction with your audience can also increase their chances of sharing your content, which is a free promotion for your website.

9.Submit your site to the online directory

Although most people search Google to find what they need, they want to find their URL in as many places as possible so that more people can find it. The free service (allows you to declare your business, so that when someone searches for your business, your website and a map with your location, time and contact information will be displayed on the right side of the results page. Bring a lot of traffic to your website.

10.Is the website normal

To determine the normal operation of a website and to visit a website, the most basic thing is whether the visit is normal, and the web page is opened normally. The normal operation of the website is the most basic point, and it is also the basic requirement for website optimization.

11.external link

We need to know that the Google search engine pays great attention to the construction of external links, so posting the website link to a website that is relevant to your website and high quality, this is equivalent to someone voting for our website. Not bad.

When we build good external links, our website ranking becomes better afterwards. Therefore, we must carefully do the construction of external links.

The above is the best way to optimize your website. As long as you achieve the above 11 points, your website ranking need not worry at all.