WordPress optimization service: how to improve the opening speed of WordPress website?

The opening speed of a WordPress optimization website is very important to improve the ranking of the website. No one wants to wait for a long time to open a website, and the search engine is the same. According to statistics, 1/4 of the Internet sites in the world are based on the WordPress platform.

Before providing WordPress optimization solutions, everyone should first figure out one thing. What is the purpose of your website? Whether it is for profit or not, the most important thing you need to do is to provide visitors with valuable content or services. Regardless of what you do, you have to prioritize and focus on the key things with less effort. So here, I will only tell you some of the most basic and simple solutions. In fact, these acceleration methods have solved more than 95% of the WordPress website speed problem, no need to pursue the ultimate. What you need to pay more attention to is: how to output valuable content and user experience.

Is WordPress opening slow?

As the most commonly used website building program and blog system in the world, WordPress will certainly not have too many problems in performance design, and the WordPress development team must also consider this problem.

According to my years of experience in building and maintaining WordPress, many performance problems are caused by improper use of WordPress, such as installing too many inefficient plugins, using low-quality themes, and not properly handling the WordPress cache, etc., so improve WordPress Performance, we must start from these aspects.

A good server can improve the opening speed of the WordPress website

Most WordPress websites open slowly because of unstable servers and slow speeds. But we have this problem, so it is useless for you to optimize WordPress.

Therefore, it is very important, very important, and very important to put the website on a fast and stable server! Choosing a suitable server can save a lot of unnecessary trouble. If you have no experience, you should choose a large vendor for the server, and don’t waste time on those small vendors. Cost performance is not the first condition, stability and worry are the most important.

What WordPress optimization plugins can improve website speed?

The cache plugin in the WordPress optimization plugin is a powerful tool to increase the speed of the WordPress website, and the effect is immediate. In addition to speeding up the cache plugin, it can also reduce the burden on the server and save resources.

1.WP Super Cache

There are two best-known free cache plugins for WordPress: WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache. Here I recommend everyone to use WP Super Cache, because it is the most used and stable, simple to set up. Theoretically, W3 Total Cache is more powerful than WP Super Cache, but the settings are very complicated. Accidental settings may cause WP to crash. In fact, the principle of caching is similar, we really do not need to waste time and risk in order to optimize the final 1%.

WP Super Cache is very simple to install and use. Click on the plugin in the WordPress background → install the plugin and search for the WP Super Cache installation. After installation, enter the plug-in settings, click “Enable cache function (recommended)”, and then click Update, WP Super Cache will automatically run. The main focus of WP Super Cache’s settings is the “expiry time and garbage collector”, and you can adjust it according to your actual situation and plug-in suggestions. Then the recommended options in the advanced tab are all checked. The setup is almost complete.

2.WP Rocket

As a paid plug-in, WP Rocket recommends more people than free plug-ins, so it must be superior. Facts have proved that my choice is very correct. After using WP Rocket, the website speed is obviously improved, and the function is rich. The setting is simple and don’t worry. Test results WP Rocket is faster than WP Super Cache.

WordPress optimization service: how to improve the opening speed of WordPress website?

What surprised me after installing WP Rocket is that it actually provides a Chinese setting interface. In addition to caching, WP Rocket has many optimization options: HTML compression, CSS and JS optimization, database optimization, DNS pre-reading, CDN integration, and more. It can be said that WP Rocket is not just a cache plugin, it is a very practical optimization tool in itself, and it can solve most of the work of WP optimization for only $ 39 a year. It is more than two hundred US dollars equivalent to RMB, which is just a meal, highly recommended.

Use CDN to optimize WordPress website speed

When your website uses CDN acceleration, it is equivalent to copying your website content to CDN nodes that are widely distributed throughout the country. You can understand a CDN node as a server. There are hundreds of thousands of such nodes in China, and each node stores a copy of your website content. When a visitor visits your website, the CDN network will automatically send him the content of your website on the server closest to the visitor. In this way, the visitor’s access speed will be very fast.

You can think like this. Before using CDN, your website only exists on one server. After using CDN, your website is stored on hundreds of thousands of servers across the country. The visitor visits the server closest to him, so the access speed is very fast.

CDN also has the advantage of reducing the burden on its own server. Because the visitor visits the CDN server and does not directly access the website source server, it does not consume server resources.

WordPress optimized website speed summary

In general, WordPress needs only three methods to optimize website speed: use a high-quality server to build a WordPress website, install a cache plugin, and use CDN to accelerate.When we use such a combination of WordPress optimization, it is basically already in seconds, and it does not make much sense to pursue other WordPress optimization methods.