Fifty Google Adwords optimization tips[2020]

For novices without Google Adwords optimization tips, you may think that Google advertising is a huge gold mine, but when you actually start running, you will find that there are too many problems: no clicks. There was a click, but no conversion. There are clicks and conversions, but they are not profitable and so on.

There may be many reasons. You ca n’t just say that there is a problem with the delivery skills, or there may be a problem with the product selection, etc., but most people are almost blank about the advertising skills or some basic knowledge of Google advertising. I hope that through the following Google optimization suggestions to let everyone have a more comprehensive understanding.

Fifty Google Adwords Optimization Tips

  • Remove bad keywords.Compared to wasting your budget on poorly performing keywords, it is obviously more cost-effective to focus more of your budget on well-converted keywords.
  • Often add negative keywords.Use search terms report to help you find negative keywords.
  • Find new keywords to use.Use keyword planner and search terms report to find potential new keywords
  • Try to change the matching pattern or adjust the bid to make the keywords suitable.
  • If the keyword’s CTR and conversion rate are both high, then MAX CPC can be increased. If the keyword’s CTR and conversion rate are low, then Max CPC should be reduced.
  • To thoroughly test brand keywords, use the power of the brand to attract leaders and improve CTR.
  • Reviewing the structure of campaigns and ad groups, a good account structure allows you to target ads more efficiently. Campaigns can be distinguished based on these factors: daily budget, language settings, regional targeting, flight preference, start and end dates.
  • To subdivide the Google Adwords group, focus on the better performing Google Adwords group
  • To constantly test new ads, we often have to find ways to improve the CTR of Google ads. There is always room for improvement.
  • Try Dynamic keyword insertion, Dynamic keyword insertion can give you a better information matching, improve CTR and can help improve the quality score.
  • Your ads and landing pages must match what users search for.
  • Use keywords or other relevant conditions to let users click on your ads.
  • Do n’t copy your competitor ’s ads, you need to be unique.
  • Don’t capitalize every letter, but capitalize the first letter of every word
  • Use CTA in advertising
  • Use your Unique Selling Points to make you stand out from the competition, and convince your users to click on your ads.
  • Use headings to attract attention. Do n’t ask questions that you already know the answer, just list the results the user is looking for.
  • Always optimize landing pages and test different elements of landing pages. You can compare the two versions of the landing page, and the page with the better conversion rate is the winner.
  • Users do n’t like long, long forms and wo n’t fill them.
  • Use pictures and video material to showcase your products or services.
  • Give users what they expect, so your landing page should match what the user searches for.
  • Landing pages should be well designed, and put all the information users need to make decisions on the landing page to maximize conversion rate.
  • Use Ad Extensions where appropriate. Ad Extensions provides users with more information, such as phone numbers, geographic locations, product types, available services, and more.
  • If you can’t listen to the phone during working hours, it is very good to set a schedule for call extensions.
  • Use the Automated Extensions Report to measure whether your ad extensions are effective.
  • Use geotargeting to limit your ads to people in relevant areas.
  • For each different region, matching a specific landing page, this is a more customized Google Adwords optimization tips.
  • Schedule your ads and show them only during business hours. Do n’t show ads when a product or service is unavailable.
  • Increase or decrease your bid based on the results, observe your conversion rate, and try to find a regularity in time, then you can adjust different bids based on the peak and valley values.
  • When creating highly relevant Google ads, the probability of users clicking on ads will be greatly increased.
  • Optimize the copy of Google Adwords and landing pages, and optimize the keywords and related keywords in landing pages and ads.
  • Testing SKAGS, Single Keyword Adgroups is usually more specific and more relevant.
  • Copy keywords and use different matching patterns, using higher bids for keywords with matching patterns with higher CTR and conversion rates.
  • Make good use of remarketing. Remarketing will have a very low CPC and you are targeting very relevant people.
  • Use customer focused, Google Adwords optimization tips, and understand what appeals to users. At the same time, the user portrait of a good buyer should be used.
  • A / B test all things. You should always test ads, landing pages, and everything else you can think of to help improve CTR and conversion rates.
  • Develop an attractive and smart value proposition to lure the target audience.
  • At the beginning, it is necessary to establish relationships with users and strive to win trust, then to prove their professionalism, and finally give their own offers to obtain users’ emails.
  • Tell the user what to do next, do n’t give the user too many options, do n’t include too many spaces in a form, and provide free mail or similar incentives.
  • Use countdown timer and copy to make users operate faster
  • With conversion tracking, if you do n’t track conversions, you have no way of knowing whether or how successful your Google ads are, and you ca n’t do A / B Tests.
  • Set up mobile Bid Modifiers and spend the most money on the best conversion channels.
  • Use Call Forwarding to track conversions, and use a Google call forwarding number in Google ads to help you record and track ROI well.
  • To constantly find ways to improve the quality score can help you reduce your CPC.
  • Sometimes putting the ad in the first place does not mean that you can get more clicks or conversions. The second and third places may bring you more clicks and conversions, and the CPC is lower. You can pass the test. To come to a conclusion.
  • If the campaign has no return, you can transfer all of the budget here to the return campaign.
  • Use Search Terms Report, try STR to find negative keywords, so as to avoid wasting budget, and find new keywords can improve conversion.
  • Setting up a Google Adwords group to specifically bid on competitors ’names, which is more gradual than keyword competition, can win brand recognition for you, and may reach a high-quality audience.
  • To monitor the behavior of competitors, do not fall behind, do not directly copy what competitors are doing, and stand out from the crowd.
  • It must be different from everyone, and must have its own characteristics.

When you see this, it means that you have finished reading these fifty Google Adwords optimization tips. I guess these fifty Google Adwords optimization improvements should help you, if you have any questions, you can contact me!