How much does SEO search optimization cost? [2020]

When we formulate the Internet promotion plan, we will choose to use the website for promotion, but we need to consider whether to use Google ADS or SEO search optimization, because this is currently the most important promotion method. However, we all know that the cost of SEO search optimization is not so high, and the cost of Goog and Adwords is relatively high! For small and medium-sized enterprise websites, SEO search optimization is their first choice, after all, the promotion cost is not so high. Although the cost of SEO search optimization is low, its effectiveness is relatively slow, often taking several months, but the rankings are up, as long as the website is still there, regular optimization and maintenance, then the ranking will continue to exist, so SEO search optimization is still better of.

Why does SEO search optimization cost?

1.Labor cost

The cost of labor is most obvious when forming an SEO team. The initial takeover of a website normally requires large-scale optimization once, and SEO search optimization is often not just the SEO optimization department’s thing, but also requires technology, art, planning, etc., and after the site is stabilized, Doing external link building, website traffic analysis, etc. requires specialized SEO personnel, especially website optimization can only rely on search engines to get traffic, but these are inseparable from a professional SEO personnel, if you are doing a large website, Surely an SEO person can’t cope with it, and often needs a real SEO search optimization team, which in the short term is definitely more expensive than finding an SEO optimization company.

2.Time costs

SEO wants to get traffic, generally speaking, it takes a time to cultivate, the length of time is especially on the new website, do not think that there are very good traffic in a few months.

Normally speaking, SEO optimization is now about half a year to one year. The chance of doing SEO on the Internet is fleeting, which means that if we do n’t accurately grasp the opportunity, we may do a big job. Half a year of optimization is in vain.

SEO search optimization is not 100% guaranteed to be effective. In many cases, market factors are not determined by someone.

3.Server cost

The premise of our SEO search optimization is that we need a website, and the website needs to be placed on a server or a virtual machine. Generally speaking, the server is charged according to traffic or monthly. The service of the server mainly depends on the configuration of the server. The higher the server configuration, the higher the price.

4.Domain cost

Apart from the server, the most important thing is the domain name. And if we want SEO search optimization to be effective and fast, then we need to choose a good domain name. Generally speaking, the cost of a good domain name is higher. Of course, domain names still need to be charged, and generally are charged annually.

5.other fee

The fees included here are divided into different situations, such as buying external links, buying articles, etc.

SEO search costs are high? Why do we have to do it?

It must be because Google Adwords costs are getting higher and higher, and the effect is getting worse and worse, so I thought about doing SEO search optimization. I have been doing SEO optimization services for companies for so many years, and I find that Google Adwords costs are getting higher and higher, and I ca n’t stop it.

In the early stage of SEO search optimization, it is indeed necessary to pay a part of the fee, which may be similar to the monthly Google Adwords fee of the company, but the later cost is very low and tends to 0.

How much does SEO search optimization cost?

$ 0 / month- $ 999 / month

SEO services purchased at this price are very likely to encounter poor companies, and may have no effect for a long time. But it is suitable for some local fast food restaurants.

$ 1000 / month- $ 5000 / month

Most of the SEO services with such fees are some small businesses, but the effect may not be too good, and it is suitable for some small sites that do not have so much promotion funds.

$ 5000 / month- $ 10000 / month

For this fee, you can find a good SEO optimization company, and its effect and credit are relatively good. It can be said to be suitable for optimizing all types of websites such as large websites and small websites.

Three main charging methods for SEO search optimization!

1.Charge per day

It is generally based on the words you want to do, which are all over the keywords. After the general cooperation, there will be a background to monitor the ranking at any time, and the fee will be deducted after reaching the home page. The popularity of the words is usually a few dollars to tens of dollars. Not equal.

2. Monthly fee

This kind of optimized charging method is more recognized by me, including the charging model that we all use now. First of all, do the drainage outside the station, update the article normally in the station to optimize, increase the weight, do both, and charge monthly. If you have no effect, you can stop the cooperation at any time, you wo n’t spend too much money, and you do n’t have to worry about the failure of the cooperative company at any time. The money is gone, and things are not done well.

3.Annual fee

This can only be based on a few core keywords, and go all over to do optimization. Generally, it is a one-year or two or three-year fee. The contract will specify if it will not be returned to the home page. Internet companies come fast and go fast. They sign a one-year contract at a time. When the company closes down, the money they pay is gone.