Common Knowledge of Keyword Density Must Know [2020]

What is keyword density?

Keyword density (Keyword Density) is the ratio of the total number of times a keyword or a keyword appears on a webpage to other text. Relative to the total number of words on the page, the more keywords appear, the greater the total keyword density. The more occurrences of other text, the lower the proportion of keywords, the smaller the keyword density.

What is the appropriate keyword density?

Keyword density refers to the ratio of keywords or keyphrases to the total text on all pages in a page. This indicator plays a key role in the optimization of search engines. In order to naturally improve the ranking position in search engines, the keyword density of the pages on your website should not be too high or too low, generally 2% to 8% is more appropriate.

Why does the keyword density range from 6% to 8%?

Search engines will use the analysis and statistical results of traditional things as a reference index for formulating algorithms. For example, analyze and count N web pages to determine this range. Strengthening the observation of traditional things is also helpful to carry out search engine optimization.

For example, the content of the webpage is “my notebook”, and the search engine divides it into “me”, “de”, and “notebook”, then the density of the keyword “notebook” in this document is “1/3”.

For phrase keywords, the density of the phrase is usually measured by calculating the density of each word in the phrase. For example, “smart phone into the mass market” can be divided into “smart”, “mobile phone”, “into”, “mass”, “market”. Among them, “smart” and “mobile phone” appear once, their keyword density is “1/5”.

What is the role of keyword density?

The most important function of keyword density is to inform the search engine of what this article writes. It is helpful for search engines to judge and identify site content and rank for specific keywords.

It is worth noting that you need to control the keyword density reasonably, otherwise it is easy to cause keyword stacking, which is obviously a cheating act.

Three suggestions for optimizing keyword density

  • Identify the main keywords and use the long-tail keywords to assist. One page uses one core keyword and two or three long-tail keywords. In this way, on the one hand, when using unique keywords, the density is too large. On the other hand, after the core keywords are ranked up, the long-tail keywords also bring traffic.
  • Don’t cheat. Search engine engineers are much better than us. Maybe you are smarter than one or two of them, but definitely not all.
  • Original, although there is a lot of information on the Internet, but there is too little original information, when it ’s okay, write more, write as much as you can, and stick to writing one every day, and insist on one year. The function must have made great progress.
Common Knowledge of Keyword Density Must Know [2020]

How to increase keyword density?

A problem we often encounter is that the keyword density of the website is too low, so how can we effectively increase the keyword density?

1、Use the ALT tag of the picture to include keywords

2、Fixed sidebar articles, some enterprise sites will increase industry encyclopedia in the sidebar, then you can use the method of the sidebar article title contains keywords to increase keyword density.

3、Navigation at the top of the site, based on the user experience, you can use the title tag to include keywords.

4、You can also use the announcement at the top of the site to increase the frequency of keywords

5、Use title, keywords, and description areas appropriately to specify appropriate keywords. The text in these meta tags will be indexed by search engine spiders, and they are all very important areas, you can reasonably place the keywords you want to optimize;

6、Friendly link area, select some industry-related links for friendly link exchange. For example, if I want to improve SEO optimization, then some of the YouChain websites I am looking for are called SEO optimization techniques and SEO optimization knowledge can improve keyword ranking.

7、The footer area at the bottom can be added with the description of the website. Remember to follow the user experience. Xiaoshuai sees that many optimization sites like to embed a large amount of text underneath, which is to deliberately increase the keyword density. This is very recommended. Do not be narrow-minded when doing SEO!

8、The content of the page, including the homepage content, column content, secondary directory page content, product page content, consulting internal content, etc., are important places to increase keyword density. After all, most users can see the page text content station The most effective place to increase keyword density is to follow the user experience!

Summary: The keyword density may seem insignificant, but from the current point of view, it is still very important, if you want to get a good ranking, this aspect is worth paying attention to.