Off-site optimization seo method[2020]

Off-site optimization is a special concern of every seo optimization company or optimization staff.Among them, the establishment of links in external optimization is not as good as possible. Its essence is mainly reflected in the quality and relevance of links.

The role of off-site optimization seo

The biggest effect of off-site optimization is to improve the ranking of the website. Generally speaking, when we are optimizing off-site, we are promoting out-link promotion on some well-ranked blogs, forums, and some classified information platforms.

Six off-site optimization methods

1. Blogroll

In fact, Blogroll can bring an external link to our website and can properly improve the ranking of the website.

Things to know about finding friendly links

  • Find the top ranking sites for website keywords, this effect is also the best;
  • website should be related to our website;
  • Websites that are frequently updated and maintained

2.Forum Website

I personally think it still has a certain effect, but it needs to be accumulated. If we answer others’ questions in the forum, we should really reply to other people’s questions and add our own website links as appropriate.

3.Bookmark collection

Many friends say that bookmarking improves external links to the site.I’ve done a lot of things before, but I don’t know how it works.


The weights of some larger catalogue websites are usually relatively high. The catalogue has two advantages of weighting and branding.

5.Resource Station

The resource station is a website where we can publish information, add our own website link to the article, you can build your own website, or you can publish articles on other websites.

These platforms are all acceptable. Baidu is quickly included in these sites, which can be said to be collected in seconds. It is necessary for us to have quality, original writing articles, and pass the review, which is a good external link. There may be other websites that directly reproduce it, bringing a certain number of external links. This is also one of the external links I often do.

6.Q & A platform

One question and one answer is more troublesome, and it is very tedious to do, but for us to provide the weight of the website, it is still very helpful to increase the external link of the website.

The information on the Q & A platform is more sought by many people, and it is also more timely information. The number of people is more than other Q & A platforms and the quality is relatively high.