What is off-site optimization seo?

Off-site optimization refers to the external optimization of the website, which is to increase external links. off site optimization SEO is a very general statement, including external links to the site and branding of the site.

Why do off-site SEO?

We all know the importance of external links in the overall ranking of website optimization.In many cases, the quality of external links shows the ranking of keywords on the site.

So in order to improve the ranking of the website, external optimization is essential.

What do you need to pay attention to when doing off-site optimization seo?

  • In general, the more external links you have, the better your ranking, but don’t add too many at once;
  • The source of external links has a higher degree of trust;
  • The source website of the external link should be related to the content of our website;
  • Externally linked pages must have content;
  • Anchor text of external links should carry keywords

How to do off-site optimization seo


We need to collect websites related to the content of our website, such as blog sites, forums, B2B, etc., but we need to know whether we can leave a link.