How to formulate seo services strategy?

Many websites that want to do SEO optimization are to develop seo services strategy. Today I will tell you about it, I hope it can help everyone.

What’s seo services strategy?

SEO service strategy is a skill to create or combine various resources to achieve SEO effect through practice, summarization, thinking and innovation.

Is SEO service strategy important?

  • SEO optimization technology is always to serve SEO strategy, only SEO optimization technology, do not formulate SEO service strategy, then you are definitely not a successful SEOer.
  • SEO optimization techniques are becoming more and more common, and if you master SEO service strategy, it is definitely a hot talent
  • The correct SEO service strategy will bring more effect to your website than the SEO optimization technology brings to your website.

Four tips for developing SEO service strategy

1. Choose keywords

Many SEOers are ranking one or two words, so the ranking is not obvious, and the effect is not particularly obvious, and in today’s increasingly competitive, it is difficult to achieve good results.

We can choose several moderately difficult words as the core keywords. Compared with the main keywords, long-tail words are important to plan, so we can optimize more words.

2.Website layout strategy

According to the characteristics of the site and SEO needs, columns, content and other aspects of the layout.

3.Website architecture strategy

Different websites, different characteristics, adjust the website structure and presentation form, so that the website can highlight more keywords reasonably to achieve the best results.

4.Increase link strategy

How to increase backlinks quickly, reasonably and continuously, different websites also need different strategies, formulate strategies for increasing links, and then implement them with a plan and purpose in order to achieve the best results.