Search engine optimization recommendations you should know

Search engine optimization is to get more traffic from search engines, from the perspective of rational planning of site structure, content building plan, user interaction and communication, etc., so that the site is more suitable for the search engine search principles of behavior.

Why listen to some search engine optimization recommendations?

Search engine optimization can help better present the high-quality content of the website to search engines, SEO and search engines, is a benign symbiotic relationship.

To do a good job of search engine optimization, you need professionals, according to the situation of the website, put forward some search engine optimization recommendations, and then we conduct seo, so that our optimization effect will be better

Four search engine optimization recommendations

1.Keyword optimization is the key

The rationality of the keyword layout of the website page is the most basic requirement for SEO to achieve results. The rationality of the keyword layout of the website requires keywords to be repeated 3-5 times in the article, bold, and links. Keywords in search engine optimization suggestions are the most commonly used nouns. They are also divided into main keywords and long-tail keywords. The main keywords are also called core keywords.

2.Original content is important

The website provides original content every day, and the update and release to the site can make our website get a better ranking. The original title and content angle in the search engine optimization suggest is the core of optimization. While the original articles are close to the needs of the audience, they can also fully attract the attention of the audience. It is very valuable for its own website, and user stickiness will be greatly improved.

3.Website structure optimization

Website structure optimization is very important. It is easier to get a good ranking by making a website that matches the structure of a search engine!

From where to optimize website structure?

There are many ways to optimize the structure of a website, and today I will give you some examples

  • Create titles, keywords, and descriptions that match the website;
  • <h1><h1>The label can tell the search engine that this is the most important, and then H2 and H3 can appear in the text.
  • Changing the mobile terminal to AMP has many advantages for inclusion in the ranking.
  • HTTPS websites give priority to inclusion rankings.
  • ………

4.external link

Increasing the number of external links will have a significant impact on the ranking of the website, but the increase of external links needs to take place slowly, and do not add hundreds at once. External links must be relevant and of high quality to the .