SEO optimization knowledge:What is search engine optimization definition?

Search engine optimization definition: the use of search engine algorithm rules to improve the ranking of the site, when users search for a keyword, can find our site, thereby driving traffic and customers. By understanding the search engine to crawl pages, index and determine its specific keyword search results ranking technology, to the relevant optimization of the web page.

Note: Simply copying or even copying other people’s content is of no value to the user.The design of your site should first consider the needs of your users, while ensuring that it is easy for search engines to crawl and index.

What should search engine optimization do?

1. the theme is clear, the content is rich

  • Before creating a website, clearly define the theme, purpose, and content of the network;
  • The theme of the website must be clear and prominent, rich and full of content, in accordance with the principle of user experience;
  • A website needs to have a clear theme, rich content related to the theme, focus on the changes in certain areas, and keep up to date

2. Keyword selection

The keyword of the website is very important, it determines whether the website can be searched by the user, so in the choice of keywords to pay special attention;

keyword selection rules

  • Keywords to be related to the theme of the site, do not blindly pursue hot words;
  • Avoid generic words;
  • According to the type and characteristics of the product, try to choose specific keywords;
  • Choose the words that people often use when using a search engine in relation to the products and services that the site needs to promote

3.Website architecture

  • Try to avoid the use of frame structure on the site structure, navigation bar try not to use FLASH buttons;
  • Note that the level of the site should not be too deep, a directory no more than two levels, detailed directory no more than four levels;
  • Try to use plain text in your site navigation

4. Website content update

In order to better realize the dialogue with the search engine, the optimized enterprise website will be submitted to the search engine, let it be free included, for a better natural ranking.If a website can be regularly updated, then the search engine is easier to include.Therefore reasonable update website is also an important method of search engine optimization.