What is web analytics?

Website analysis is the study of the behavior of visitors to a website to determine whether the layout of the site meets business objectives.

For example, which page is easier to stimulate customers to buy.The data collected almost always includes site traffic reports, but may also include email response rates, direct mail activity data, sales and customer data, user performance data such as click on a hot spot map, or other customized demand information.

How to do web analytics?

  • Analyze website security: If the website’s database is not effectively protected, the security coefficient is very low, in case of malicious attack by competitors, the website will crash immediately, will cause a lot of inconvenience to our later optimization work, and bring economic losses.
  • Static URL : Dynamic URL is unable to drive 10 to 30 parameters at the same time, which will greatly affect the website server capacity, when open a page will waste a long time, reduce the user experience.The light causes the server to slow down and the heavy causes the server to crash. So it is necessary to use static url.
  • Page analysis: Make sure that every page is openable, and improve the appearance of the page, which effectively improve the user experience.
  • Key words layout: To identify our core keywords, and in the right page layout on our keywords, which helps us to improve the ranking of site keywords.
  • Analysis of external links: Increase the number of external links to your site by collecting links that can be published, depending on the type of site.Google search engine is very important external links!

If you want to do their own website optimization is very good, the ranking is very good, so we must know how to carry out site analysis!Hope we are the website analysis method can help you!