What skills does site keyword optimization have?

With the continuous development of the network environment, now the enterprise website to do keyword ranking has become an inevitable trend of development, but now do search engine optimization also need to use the corresponding optimization skills, otherwise the website keyword ranking will not be too good. Theoretically, to optimize the site keyword is very simple, as long as the keyword optimization skills operation, can be achieved.

Site keyword optimization tips

  • Title should contain core keywords, preferably in the first place;
  • Should appear more “website optimization” this keyword and establish long tail word, but the occurrence of core keyword should be natural;
  • Exchange quality links with quality websites to establish a good off-site structure;
  • Issue high quality outer chain and establish good outer chain structure;
  • Build internal links;
  • Update your site daily to create valuable content;
  • User experience is very important;

What are the factors that affect the optimization of website keywords?

  • For search engines, it is unacceptable for a site to change the mate TAB frequently;The key is to change the title and description frequently.Personal advice for seo, it is best not to make big changes in the general direction, do not go to a large number of site keywords and description.
  • Unreasonable website content, such as website content and title meaning is not consistent;
  • Slow website updates, which is not good for seo, basically, I can only say that you are not a qualified seo;
  • The web server is unstable: If your website often does not open or the speed is very slow, will affect the search engine spider crawl and crawl, the first thing to ensure that there is a stable and fast space.
  • Website structure is not reasonable, affect optimization;
  • Poor user experience: Want to insist on ranking optimization and stability, it is necessary to make full use of the interaction with customers, improve the quality of the content, increase the function of sharing and reprint, do often communicate with customers, communication.
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