What are keyword optimization techniques?

People are used to searching the information they need from search engines by keyword, but the huge amount of data makes it difficult to find the information they need in a short time.

So how to make the keyword more accurate search to us?

1.Keyword layout is also very important, keyword is the core of an article, the importance of keyword is self-evident.Keywords appear in an important position or take an important format, baidu spider will give it a higher weight, so in the site optimization, to pay attention to the location of keywords layout.

Do not blindly layout or add keywords, it will not pay off.In my experience, keywords appearing at the top of the title tend to have a higher weight than those appearing at the bottom of the ranking.

2. For keyword density, everyone’s opinions vary, so far there is no a fixed standard, so every webmaster in the treatment of keyword density is always a little hesitant, more afraid of being considered cheating by the search engine, add less afraid of unable to achieve keyword optimization.

In general, as long as it is to make the distribution of keywords more reasonable, more natural, so generally there will be no problem, even if not up to the standard of the above it does not matter, the search engine will also give you this page higher ranking.

3. Update the original articles on the website every day to create valuable information.User experience is very important!