what is Google Ads?

Google Ads is the sponsored link on the right of Google. It is a quick and easy way to place ads on the websites of Google and its advertising partners, and it can fully enjoy its efficient advertising service regardless of the advertising budget.Google Ads appear alongside search results on Google’s results, as well as on the growing number of search and content sites in Google’s network, including AOL, EarthLink, HowStuffWorks, and Blogger.Every day, a large number of users search on Google and browse on the Google network, so a large number of potential customers will see your Google AdWords.

How do you use Google Ads?

  • When creating AdWords ads on the sites of Google and its search partners, you can choose the keywords that trigger the ads and specify that you are willing to pay a custom amount per click.You only pay when someone clicks on your AD.
  • When making AdWords ads placed on the content network, you can choose the exact display location of the ads to be displayed, or you can realize the matching of keywords and contents by the content-related positioning.You can either choose the CPC for the AD or set a price (called a CPM bid) .
  • To help you save even more, AdWords discounter will automatically reduce your CPC to the minimum you need to pay to keep your AD ranking.The AdWords discounter works no matter what kind of display or bid you choose.
  • Malicious clicks in Google adwords, also known as invalid clicks.A click that occurs by means of a prohibited means such as manual repeated clicking, or the use of a roaming device, automatic clicking tool, or other fraudulent software.

Google ads detection

  • Detection and filtering technology:Google will click according to the IP address, click time, all the repeated click times analysis, such as found malicious click behavior to separate processing.
  • Google anti-click team: Google has a team that USES specialized tools and technologies to identify, monitor, and track malicious clicks.When you find that there are malicious clicks on your account, you can submit specific information to Google, and the anti-malicious clicks will be made later.
  • Some technology: Google does not disclose a search engine algorithm technique .